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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is it spring cleaning already

So it is not spring, but still summer. The boys are back in school and I am motivated by the many blogs I see to create and nest. I realize I have been a shopper in the past running to buy each thing I need and adding to the cart when I got there. Now I want to enjoy my home and create a place there that is not full of things, but that is nurturing and inspiring. For me, part of that entails cleaning and organizing so that I do not have that hanging over my head when I am creating.

So today I tackled my freezer in the garage and my kitchen cabinets. We have started buying our beef in quantity by purchasing a grass fed cow that is then divided to our needs. We are running low on freezer stuff and I thought it would be a good idea to do it now while I have the time and not when are trying to unload everything brought down from Bishop (my hubby flies up and picks it up).

I also came up with the idea of writing down everything in the freezer (the outdoor freezer is for meat and long term items only, while the inside small one is for things I can and a few convenience foods we use). This makes it so easy to see what is inside and then cross it off as I use it. Here is the list I came up with today;

Freezer Contents


1 lb ground beef

1 lb stew meat

½ tri-tip

1 filet

3 london broil

2 T-bones

1 small rack ribs

1 pkg short ribs

1 pkg beef jerky beef

2 lbs ground sirloin


1 pork loin

Garlic sausage

6 pkgs Jim’s bacon

Plastic bag of Jim’s dried beef


2lb elk roast


2 whole chickens

1 bag chicken tenders

6 chicken thighs


1 ½ lbs salmon

1 lb mahi mahi

6 trout caught by Keaton

1 lb sole

.1/2 lb tuna steak

½ lb shark

It is such a good feeling to be organized :)

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