Why? my blog title "Better2me"

As a woman, mother, and wife my first instinct is to take care of those around me. I nurture those I love in many ways through out the day, but sometimes find myself neglecting me. Recently I realized that I need to nurture myself as well. So this blog is about ME!!!!! What fills my heart; my simple life of kids, husband, animals, home, and creativity. For being better2me leads me to be better to those I love.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

She held many titles.

Tonight I celebrate the life of my sister, Denise. Whose bed was a safe haven on Saturday mornings growing up and whose arms, heart, and home have been a safe haven ever since. Her unconditional love has been a treasure to me and i am thankful she was a large part of my life. I will miss you Denny, but I am glad you are no longer in pain. (my facebook Dec 22, 2011)

my sisters obituary:

Denise Chaldu
56, lived a simple life, putting others before herself. Born on July 19th 1955 to Ernie and Shirley Mason in Pomona, CA, she grew up in Claremont spending as much time outdoors as she could. In her teens, she joined Job's Daughters and reigned as Honored Queen of Claremont Bethel 301 in 1972. A couple years following her 1973 graduation from Claremont High, she met and married Robert Chaldu. The two moved to Chino and started a family. Her favorite role in life was that of mother, a job she perfected over the years. Once her own kids were grown, she adopted new ones in her position as lunch lady at Wickman Elementary in Chino Hills. "Ms. Denise," as her kids called her, was in her element in the kitchen both at home and at work, always trying out new recipes and improving old ones. She loved her animals, was a constant and avid reader and a feeder of birds. Denise left us on Dec. 22nd, 2011 following a year-long battle with cancer. She will be greatly missed by her husband Bob, daughter Michelle (Sam), grandson Grey, her son Marc (Monique) and granddaughter Aubrey as well as by her parents, sisters, Debra Duarte, Sharen Garcia and Karen Rothfus, three brothers-in-law and numerous other relatives and friends. Services will be held on Thursday, December 29, 2011 at 9:30am at Todd Memorial Chapel in Pomona, CA. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to City of Hope or the American Cancer Society .

Today we celebrated my sisters life. I am grateful to the many many people who attended and the out pouring of love and memories. Denise would have been mad at all the fuss that was given her, but also honored. I am eternally grateful to all who have supported me during this time and a special thank you to those who did not know her, but attended today to offer me support, how lucky am I. (my facebook Dec 29, 2011)

younger sister
older sister
honored queen
bird lover
animal savior
Ms. Denise
and grandmother

These are just a few of the many titles my sister held and which are her legacy, I hope I am as lucky.

A Priceless Picture

Until the slideshow at my sisters funeral I never realized how many pictures we have of the four sisters taken throughout the years. From the beginning, when Debra and Denise held Sharen and I in their arms, until this one, taken on my mothers 80th birthday at her favorite hangout, the yarn shop. Unfortunately this picture will be the last, but what a great memory.

Friday, December 16, 2011

What we do for our kids.

Sixth grade at our elementary school is filled with new experiences. The biggest for the kids is the three day trip to Camp Cimi, located on Catalina Island. There they learn about marine life, learn to snorkel, but mostly just have fun. Every year more and more parents want to chaperon this event and so the teachers put roadblocks into place to weed out those not dedicated. Parents have to attend several mandatory meetings, write a letter of intention that they are interested, then those that make it through all the hoops are place in a hat and the number of needed chaperons are pulled out.

With our older son, my husband, would never have even thought about missing work to attend, but with our younger one he has learned how important this is and what a great experience he will miss out on. So he jumped on the bandwagon, attended the first meeting, wrote the letter (with a large amount of help from me lol), and received the notice last night that he is in!!!!!

Below is the letter, that I wish to keep for future reference :)

Dear sixth grade teachers.

I offer this letter as my request to chaperon Camp Cimi for the sixth grade this year. I know that the standards are high and space available is low, so I thought I might offer up some special qualifications, which I have, that might influence your decision.

1. I own a home in Mammoth and would be more than willing to share.

2. I am in good shape (round is a shape).

3. Being in the shape I am, I can help out in several capacities:

A floating buoy.

If no whales are spotted I could swim out in my wetsuit and imitate one.

A life saving device for anyone who might be drowning.

4. Mammoth

5. I could keep Anthony Price in check (ya right!)

6. I just bought a new thong and have no place to wear it.

7. I represent a good male role model :}

8. I only drink when I am alone, or when I’m with Anthony.

9. I am great entertainment; have you seen my impression of a duck?

10. Did I mention Mammoth?

Thank you for your consideration regarding this and if you have any questions or would like further qualifications or recommendations please contact me.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My life through facebook.........

Some special memories from my facebook status I want to remember:

Today I feel like Dorothy, but without the adventure, when she gets back to reality and has to clean up the mess from the tornado. Which in my case means one XL trampoline that flew over the wall n a block down the street, some nice men stopped n helped us carry it back, but we still couldn't get it through our tractor gate, a broken windshield on kevs car, a dog who is permanently traumatized, numerous trees down, and no electricity.:) (December 1, 2011)

Thinking of doing an au natural xmas tree this year. No lights, no ornaments, no work,......just a wonderful smell, now if I could just get the rest of the family on board (although it is us moms that do all the decorating work anyway lol) (Dec 7, 2011)

Kellan skyped me tonight, then wanted to show me where he thing I saw was my license plate.......needless to say I went screaming outside. It is so good to have him home! :) (Dec 14, 2011)

Last night my bunco group celebrated our 20th year together, what a blessing to have friends to go through the stages of life with!!!! (Dec 9. 2011)

about me

Alta Loma, California, United States
I am a wife of 28 years to Kevin, a pilot, a mother of 22 year old Kellan and 15 year old Keaton. I am caretaker to a zoo of animals including dogs, cats, chickens, fish, birds, turtles, etc. I am a gardener, a cook, a writer, a painter, a teacher, and I am truly blessed to be able to live life the way I wish too.