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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is it school already?

There are those that cannot wait until summer is over and their routines are back to normal, their children are out of their hair, and they can do their errands and chores in peace. I am not one of those.

I love the freedom that summer offers; the ability to plan on the spur of the moment a day at the beach or to look forward to a few days away in the middle of the week. I especially love watching my sons do whatever, whenever they want. Each of their individual personalities coming out in the way their summer is spent.
One son sleeps in late and stays up to the wee morning hours. His waking time is spent troubleshooting how to make his go-ped faster, analyzing his golf swing through physics, rock climbing with friends or hanging out with his girlfriend. My eleven year old wakes up early and goes 110 miles an hour all day long; swimming with his friends, riding his bike or playing soccer, he falls into a deep sleep early in the evening utterly exhausted. Summer life is carefree, full of wonder and joy.

However, summer is now over and school has started and the quick thrill of new teachers and classes is quickly replaced by the memory of an old routine that reasserts itself. Every one must now have a bedtime in order to wake up for school. Homework must be completed and each child comes with their own issues; my eldest whose homework is done quickly and easily, is apt to toy on his computer or visit through text with his girlfriend. while my youngest would, if left alone, put it off until he frantically remembered right before bed, so I am constantly on duty arguing with both to take the time to learn and not to just "finish" it. Sometimes feel like a cowboy trying to keep steers enclosed without a fence. The school year also brings with it many other routines; four nights of soccer practice, several games a week, chores that must be done in a much smaller time frame, learning center for my little one twice a week, working in class, etc., basically a schedule whereas before there was none.

But what is the worst for me about the boys starting school is that my worries I have worried all summer about making the right choices as to teachers for them is either confirmed or held in question. I have finally realized, thanks to professional help lol, that I am a perfectionist when it comes to my children. I want them to receive what they need so they can accomplish their hearts desire and I want them to have people in their lives that support and encourage them. A teacher is with them for six hours a day and can either enrich their lives or impede it.

When my eldest, Kellan, was in elementary school I would worry worry worry about who to request, we were allowed two requests and would get one of them. When he received his teacher I would worry that it was the right one. The end of the school year would prove whether is was or not. However, he always seemed to do well because even though his personality, sarcastic to some humorous to others, might have him stand out, his intellect would allow him to succeed no matter the obstacles.

Keaton, my youngest, however, is very different. Although as intelligent as his brother he has a learning disability that makes him learn differently then other children. He does not visually process information, but is an amazing oral learner. A choice of teacher is even more critical. For example his second grade teacher, before we knew he learned differently, was a very creative teacher who placed him in the rear of the class. She did not have a structured environment and he struggled to understand what she was teaching as things came to him out of order and context. Yet, his fourth grade teacher was strict and unbending, allowing for all academics in an ordered manner. Her style of teaching allowed him to excel academically, but left him feeling like school was a painful experience.

This year I struggled to find him a happy medium; should I choose the strict, yet burnt out teacher, or the less structured teacher who had many unknowns. In fact I went back and forth handing in my letter with the first and then requesting it being rescinded and changing it to the later. I received my first request and immediately began to worry that it was the right choice? She is young, with enough experience, but is she structured enough, hard enough, capable to understand my child's method of learning without labeling him as less teachable. His only comment with two days of school under his belt is that she is boring, although today he stated that he thinks she likes him as she let him take something to the office..........positive? I hope so.

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