Why? my blog title "Better2me"

As a woman, mother, and wife my first instinct is to take care of those around me. I nurture those I love in many ways through out the day, but sometimes find myself neglecting me. Recently I realized that I need to nurture myself as well. So this blog is about ME!!!!! What fills my heart; my simple life of kids, husband, animals, home, and creativity. For being better2me leads me to be better to those I love.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My blog is a journal full of memories I want to keep. However, I have been lax in keeping it up to date. Unfortunately, I find Instagram easier and quicker to, I am entering some moments I want to keep and then hope to take the time to enter these small, but meaningful moments as they come. 21 years ago today I woke Kev up at 1 am in full blown labor, it was time to go. He proceeded to take a shower and shave, then we had to stop for gas and $ at the ATM where he promptly forgot his PIN.And that was the best part of the birth experience, but at 6:02 am I received the most amazing gift of a son. A gift that has grown exponentially and I am thrilled that I also call him friend. Happy 21rst Birthday Kellan. I am also so grateful for friends such as Rachel who planned a great birthday for him, including a designated driver, and buying him his first drink at midnight.

about me

Alta Loma, California, United States
I am a wife of 28 years to Kevin, a pilot, a mother of 22 year old Kellan and 15 year old Keaton. I am caretaker to a zoo of animals including dogs, cats, chickens, fish, birds, turtles, etc. I am a gardener, a cook, a writer, a painter, a teacher, and I am truly blessed to be able to live life the way I wish too.