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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How does my garden grow?

I understand the appeal of spring. The darkness of winter(I know being from Southern California I'm one to complain) leads to a new beginning each year, as the process of renewal begins. It is my favorite time of year as the drudgery of repeaticious housecleaning is put aside, so that one can venture to the outdoors and begin to nurture things that will grow and prosper.

This year the experience has been extra thrilling due to the building of a new chicken coop, which influenced my hubby to become emotionally involved in my garden. It has been so good to work together and has allowed us to appreciate each other more.

Being in the suburbs we are so lucky to have such a big piece of land, those of you in other states can laugh at us, which also allows us to enjoy our passions. I love my chickens and garden, while hubby enjoys his barn that houses three antique John Deere tractors. One was his grandfathers, that he rode as a child, another is a friend of the familys, the third his great Uncles, all restored to their former glory. Rides through our suburb of Los Angeles have earned him the nickname "the John Deere tractor guy!"

My amazing hubby roto tilled my garden

Roxy goes nose to nose with a Mason bee in the lavender

One of the several trips made to the lower yard each morning and each time Berkly has to take a dip in the pool.

The newly finished, the sign just went up yesterday, chicken coop my hubby built.

Mornings in the garden are so serene.

My blackbird that never leaves the garden.

The back of our house from the garden.

The garden, chicken coop, and tractor barn.

My first attempt at rhubarb, I can't wait to experiment with it.

Many years ago I made stepping stones from tiles, even a favorite teapot that was chipped and broken became one. I still use them today.

My jalapeƱo is the first thing producing and it will be salsa this weekend.

Nothing prettier than a row of peppers, minus the sprouting weeds of course.

My hubby thought I was crazy when I told him I could reuse the bedsprings from our sons Ikea bed. After they were painted and staked in the garden with old drapery rods and finials, he thought they looked great as cucumber and tomato trellises.

Growing small things, like radishes, in galvanized tubs allows me to keep a watchful eye on them. I also use the tubs for lettuce, which in California the sun becomes too much for them, so I have been known to put an umbrella over to shade them.

My blackberry has already started bearing fruit, a replacement to the huge grapevine we had encircling the garden that died for some unknown reason.

Can you tell which chicken is top of the pecking order. Wilma is SO bossy!!!!!

Most would consider Morning Glories weeds as they are so prolific. But I LOVE them, our last chicken coop was covered in them and I hope this little start will also (I also have planted some red ones). The nice thing is the chickens love them and spend a large amount of time trying to get to ones lying just outside their reach.

Berkly just waiting to "retrieve" a chicken or two.

Taken from the back of the barn, our chickens are in heaven protected from the wind and predators.

FarmVille USA meets southern California.

Pinterest got me painting pots this weekend and brightened the patio where we spend so much of our time.

Tomato explosion. This refugee spent the whole winter on the patio and came back with a ton of cherry tomatoes.

Too hot to grow peas in the garden, I find that when grown in a slightly shady spot on the patio they do quite well.

That is of course if you can refrain from popping the young peas Into your mouth.

One of my favorite things ever is the pizza oven my hubby surprised me several years ago from Italy. The grapes growing on it will someday be our own wine.

Thanks for taking a tour of my garden with me. I hope you come back when everything is in its full regalia.

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