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As a woman, mother, and wife my first instinct is to take care of those around me. I nurture those I love in many ways through out the day, but sometimes find myself neglecting me. Recently I realized that I need to nurture myself as well. So this blog is about ME!!!!! What fills my heart; my simple life of kids, husband, animals, home, and creativity. For being better2me leads me to be better to those I love.

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Buck of a Lifetime

Not long ago, Kevin invited a group over for dinner.  One man, Terry, was to take his check ride the next day with Kevin, but he was very nervous, and Kevin thought a relaxing evening might put him at ease.  As we visited, I learned a little bit about him.  Struggling with Dyslexia his whole life, he dropped out of school at fourteen, and made his way to the top of the Texas oil business.  He had recently purchased a seven million dollar plane and wanted to fly it himself, but was nervous because he had failed the written test many times, due to the fact that it could not be read to him.  

He and Keaton made an instant connection.  Terry not only loved flying, he also owned a hunting lodge near his home in central Texas, that catered to the wealthy.  They had much in common, and as Terry went to leave, he invited Keaton and Hoss to it. 

Of course we didn't think much about it until we received a call from the lodge that they would like to set some dates.  I was proud of Keaton as he had to do some soul searching beforehand.  He had killed some dove and ducks, but was not sure he was ready to kill a deer, he had heard that if the kill shot is not placed perfectly, some animals may suffer before you can finish it, and he did not want that to happen(although he is my hunter, he is also very sensitive). He decided to go on the realization, that he didn't know if he was ready and decided that he would make that decision when the time came. 


On a four day weekend from school, Mossy (Terry's flight instructor and friend of Kevin's) Kevin, Keaton, Hoss, and Landis flew to Texas. The first two were there for the relaxation, the last three to bag a deer.  More than a mere lodge, the massive structure, sat on thousands of acres, with  their own personal lake for fishing, chef and guides.  They even took Terry's private helicopter to tour the property.  

During the first day of hunting, the group was divided up so that they could fit in separate blinds; Keaton, Kevin, and a guide in one, Landis, Hoss, and guide, in another.  Keaton had decided to wait for a specific type of deer, because their meat was better tasting, even though they were not the prize deer that most want.  After many hours one came within sight, and Keaton aimed and shot, supposedly missing his target.  The guide could not figure out what had occurred and assumed Keaton had flinched.  My very competent young hunter stated emphatically that the shot was on the mark.

When they arrived back at camp, all rejoiced over the beautiful deer Landis got, and the great kill shot, through the heart, that she had inflicted.  The guides took them out for some target practice before the next days hunt.  Soon it became apparent that there was something off on the borrowed gun Keaton was using. All his shots were in the same area, but below the target.  Hoss and the guide tried and all their shots were also low.  Turns out the sight of the gun was off and although Keaton felt vindicated, he was bummed about his first deer, that got a way.

When Terry heard about this, he was very concerned and pulled Kevin aside and stated that although the group had been hunting management bucks, he thought it was important that Keaton get something better, so he had instructed his guide to take him to a different area where "trophy" deer are found.  Kevin argued, but to no avail.

The next day, after hours of waiting, a buck made its way into view.  Its multiple points confirmed it be a much sought after deer, and so Keaton put down his gun.  
     But his guide said, "For practice, aim at the buck."
     Keaton did.
     Next he said, "Take off the safety."
     Keaton questioned, "why?"
     "For practice," he replied.  "Now, slowly squeeze the trigger..."
     Keaton quietly whispered, "But it's a trophy deer."
      "Just squeeze the trigger."
     Keaton did :)

Then his guide told him "I was just kidding!," and Keaton's heart that was already pounding out of his chest, accelerated, lol. Next the guide congratulated him and told him that his deer was in fact very close to a world record deer.  (Records have to do with the points given to a deers antlers; size, distance apart, and number of points.  I had not realized that the amount of points a deer has, has nothing to do with its age, but everything to do with its genetic makeup.)  

When I spoke with him, I told him I had heard about his amazing deer... then I realized there was something else in his voice, when I questioned him, he stated that he didn't see the big deal,  hunting to him wasn't about the trophy, and that you shouldn't hunt just for something to hang on the wall,  that an animal was giving its life to provide you with meat.  That is when I realized he is going to be a good hunter and an even more amazing person.  

When they returned, Kevin told me that although he had gone for Keaton's sake (did I mention what an amazing husband I have :), and did not think he would participate, his outlook had changed.  He had seen the respect for the animals, the need for hunting, and most especially the way that Keaton interacted with it.  I agreed, for when Keaton returned he had matured and grown in so many ways, I hardly recognized him.  

What an amazing experience that father and son got to share, I am extremely grateful to Terry, and all those (Tyler, Monty, Hoss, Mossy, Kev) that made it possible.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Special Gift

A little over a month ago my oldest son celebrated his twenty-second birthday. My youngest son wanted to get him a very special gift and so he thought and thought until the perfect one came to mind. Kellan had been wanting to build a certain quad-copter, the problem was that each component of the copter cost upwards of $100.00. Keaton decided to start Kellan off with the frame, but at $140.00, he would need to wait another month, cleaning the pool and doing the rest of his chores for his allowance, so he could add to what he already had saved. When Keaton had enough money, he ordered it, and told Kellan that a package from him was on its way. Kellan asked me secretly if Keaton had gotten him a duck call...playing into it I replied that Kellan should look surprised even if he knew what it was already. Several days later Kellan skyped Keaton, big tears were falling and he was so excited he literally was jumping for joy. Keaton saw Kellans excitement and his face lit up, he knew he had done something really special for his brother. What I don't think he realized was that Kellan's joy was more about the thought and care that went into the present, then the extravagant present itself. A few days later Kellan called to tell me he had ordered carbon fiber material to make Keaton an equally nice quad-copter, so that they could fly them together. :) What is that los saying, "Give and you shall receive" in more ways than one :)

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