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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Flying Bug

I always say there are two types of people; those that love to fly and those that don't. Being married to a pilot I am ashamed to say that I am one of the later. Early on in our relationship, our first date was a flight to a nearby airport, I enjoyed the novelty of flying. As the years progressed I appreciated the convenience flying offered; being able to fly an hour to Mammoth instead of drive five. However, the older I get the less I enjoy flying, especially in small airplanes. Last year while flying to Mammoth the turbulence had me hitting my head on the cabin top and my son, Keaton's loud admonishment that it looked like the wings were going to fall off, had me literally shaking in my boots.

So I feel sad for my husband whose whole life revolves around flying on a daily basis, as a captain for a major airline, as a chief pilot for a large charter company, and as a check airman for the FAA, that he does not have a mate who shares his love of flying. I think he had hoped that our oldest son, Kellan, would be the one to share his passion. And although he does enjoy the art of flying it is not in his blood as something he must do.

When Keaton was born I think Kev has given up hope of a mini me. But we soon realized that Keaton has the flying bug in every cell of his being. Even as a baby Keaton loved to fly, where some parents would swear driving their child around in a car lulled their baby to sleep, Kev and I would state that for Keaton a bumpy airplane ride was what did the trick. Even today Keaton can sleep in an airplane during the worst turbulence and fear is not something he associates with flying. Recently Keaton has shown himself to be reading to learn the concepts of flying and who better than his daddy to do so.

Everyday that Kevin is home Keaton is putting the bug into his ear; when can we go flying, we have an hour lets just go up, forget the movies-swimming-party-fun activity- lets go flying. Being the kind of dad he is, Kev usually acquiesces. I don't know who has more fun Keaton or Dad!!!!

Recently I asked Kev to take some pictures of their afternoon adventure and they tell the story best:

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