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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A First of Many

The first week of school is, well, full of firsts. Especially when your youngest child enters seventh grade and therefor junior high.

Firsts, such as having many different teaches, in many different classes, with many new students. But the "first" that worried my son the most was one that came with having to dress for P.E., and funny enough had nothing to do with actually changing in a locker room full of boys that he didn't know, but instead had everything to do with having to open the lock that comes attached to his locker.

A necessity that he thought he would never conquer, he asked (pleaded, demanded) that I buy a locker he could practice on. Small motor skills are hard for him and so I understood his angst. For $3.95 at Target I got a little piece of mind for him. I showed him how to do it and then he took over. Twenty-some tries later he gave up in frustration. I couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong because when I watched everything was perfect. I showed him again and still no dice. I let him go wondering if he would give up or come back for another round.

Thirty minutes later he picked it up and tried again.(my heart soared for it is not how good you are at something quickly, but the fact that you keep trying that I feel makes a person successful.) This time I saw something he did differently than I. Being left handed he twirled the lock to the left before he began the first number in the combination to the right. This small change made all the difference and from that point on he got it unlocked 100% of the time.

A smile and sense of accomplishment radiated from him like the rays of the sun. The first goal of the year realized and a small seed implanted, hopefully to grow, allowing him to realize he can do anything if he doesn't give up.

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