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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why are we called the "United" States, I have no clue.

The 2016 presidential election is something to behold. I hope someday that I can relate to those younger than I, how the election process changed during this time in history. The use of facebook and other media created a format that allowed both sides to read and post anything that "proved" their side and so many believed everything they read, without checking the sources. So thank you to my facebook friends whose posts about the opponent has changed my mind about who I am voting for, NOT! Although they have honed my analytical processes as I argue their stupidity (in my head of course, because heaven forbid that you argue on facebook about anything.) I find it interesting that people play the tit for tat game. Not looking at the whole picture, the main points, but at the little details that what can be said for one, can be equally said for another. Talking with my older son, who is brainwashed by his friends, I asked him to think what was most important to him. I told him for me it is about two core things as I don't believe either is the perfect candidate, but then again there is no perfect human. The first thing is trust. Who can I trust to tell me the truth about the country I am living in. I may not always like what they have to say, but I know they are honest with me and are not going behind back. Second is who do I think will be the best at running a country. Although one has political experience, they don't have a great track record within it, the other has no political experience but has a great deal experience running a large corporation. I hope he holds on to the thoughts he expressed to me and follows his own opinions, as long as he can back them up. If he does than I have no problem with who he chooses. On other political topics I am humored by the same approach. After reading a post about what the legalization of pot has done in Colorado by the District Attorney of that state, which matched what I had seen recently on TV and researched, I was humored/frustrated/angered by the responses of people who tore it apart saying it was faulty, but looking closely their reasoning was faulty, and it was obvious that they are part of the population who wants the bill to pass in California also. One woman's last comment when referring to the fact that the statistics were at fault stated that "it is better to look at individual (beliefs and experiences) then statistics." I just wanted to comment "REALLY!" I just hope that somehow this division of the American people will somehow be mended. But my hopes are not high.

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