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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Hubby!

Recently my hubby was asked to submit a profile for a website he was being featured on and I was lucky enough to write it for him. It allowed me to reflect on all that he has accomplished and all that he continues to accomplish as The Discovery Channel recently asked him to be a part of their special on flying which he will be featured in:

Kevin's love of flying began at an early age as he watched his father’s enthusiasm as a pilot for United Airlines, and grew into a passion that only continues to get stronger each year.

At the age of sixteen, Kevin soloed his first aircraft and at the age of seventeen he received his private pilot license. He graduated from Metropolitan State College in December of 1980 with a degree in Aviation.

His actual flying career began when he became a flight instructor at the age of eighteen at Cable Airport in Upland, California. It is here that Kevin fell in love with the teaching aspect of flying, which still continues today as he strives to mentor and train pilots at every level, whether they are a student sitting in the right seat, a check ride candidate sitting in the left, or a co-pilot on a Boeing 737.

Kevin’s reputation as a thorough and extremely confident pilot caught the eye of a local businessman and a new stage of flying began for him as a corporate pilot in 1981. In 1987 Kevin fulfilled a lifelong dream of following in his father’s footsteps, by signing on with Continental Airlines. Throughout his career he has been a flight engineer on a B-727 and the DC-10, a copilot on B-737, and now resides as an LA-based captain on the B-737.

Kevin’s passion is not one to be corralled. In 1986 he began and ran his own small charter company, KMR Aviation, which began with only two employees and grew to over fifty, when sold in 2003. In September of 2009 he became the Director of Operations/Check Airman for Elite Aviation out of Van Nuys, California, a title he held until of April of 2011. He remains active in the 135 world as a training instructor and consultant for a variety of charter companies. In 2006 he was honored to be asked by the FAA to become a Designated Pilot Examiner, where he specializes in administering FAA type ratings in a variety of light business jets.

Presently Kevin has the privilege of holding an Airline Transport Pilot certificate and Certified Flight Instructor ratings with type ratings in seventeen different corporate jets in addition to the B-737, and he is scheduled to include a nineteenth rating on the Phenom 300, by the end of 2011.

Flying is not a profession for Kevin, it is a calling. Kevin has passed this passion down to his youngest son, Keaton, who at the age of twelve is on his way to becoming as amazing pilot as his dad.

Aviation Roles
Director of Operations, Check Airman, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, Training Instructor
Special Skills
17 Type Ratings, Boeing 727, Boeing 737, DC-10

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  1. You didn't tell me he was going to be featured on tv! That's AWESOME!!!

    Thanks again for a great weekend. We all loved hanging with you guys!


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