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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What a terrible mom am I.

On a friends blog she is participating in the thirty days of blogging with a different topic each day. Today the topic was on the things that you like about yourself. It didn't take me very long to realize that list was not going to be very long and in fact today it is nonexistent. For you see, today I feel like a mom failure and since being a mom is my important job, it makes it so much worse.

By nature I am not a very confrontational person and instead I worry. I worry about things I cannot control and those that I can. I worry for days, and nights over the same little thing. But in the last few years I have learned that I can alleviate some of that worry, by taking action on the things I can control. Also, with Keaton having different needs as my older son, I have learned that I need to be his advocate and thus I have to confront many more issues than I ever have before.

This year I have found Keaton's teacher to be a good match for him in that he likes her and has no fears about asking her questions. Unlike his past teachers who where very structured she is less so and I think this is a problem for him in that less is expected and it makes things a little harder for him to grasp certain things. But all in all she is the best teacher for him in this grade. I have found however, that I do need to contact her more frequently in regards to Keaton and how she is finding him in school and issues he may have regarding homework then previous teachers.

I have tried to let little things go (such as recently when she told the kids to memorize the answers to a study sheet in order instead of really understanding the info. I told Keaton that was ridiculous and that he had to learn them, then he did not get the 100% that most of the class who had memorized the answers in order had) But recently she moved the kids around and put Keaton in the back of the class, when his 504 states he needs to be up front. He came home for several days saying that he couldn't hear and that the kids around him where copying answers and that he was getting distracted. I felt I had to mention it. I sent her an email regarding my concerns and she stated she had no room for him up front because of her other special needs students (although she had several gate students in the front row) and that she would try to move him.

She did move him, (although he came home upset because she told him in front of the class that he was being moved because he talked too much, I told him that I asked for him to be moved so he could hear better). But then she sent me an email which I feel was the real reason that he was not up front and in it she stated that Keaton had a problem with smelling bad! Gosh darn how terrible as a mom do I feel, that I didn't even catch that. That adults and kids have been talking about him (that is what she stated), Poor Keaton trying to fit in and being ostracized for something he didn't know.

Of course I immediately began to think of ways to rectify the situation and ran to the store to stock up :) Keaton is my child who never stops and sweats constantly he has to wash his hair more often then my other one because his is thick and coarse and catches everything, so I got him shampoo and conditioner that he can use on a daily basis. He wears his shoes without socks at play, which drives his father crazy, and does get smelly feet, so I bought a large supply of socks (like I don't have 50 mill already) and new shoes for him so he can wear one pair to school and one to play in. I bought things like body gel and scrubbers, that make showering more fun, instead of the soap that he usually uses. Since he is a total protein eater, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks he would rather have salmon then a cookie, I am going to change his diet to include more fruits and vegies and less protein. I got water bottles he can take to school, figuring he could drink water all day at school and that would help flush his system (he loves water, but doesn't drink enough).

But the worst part is that when I told Keaton to go take his shower because from now on he was going to shower every day instead of every other, he got so excited when he saw all the new stuff, because his teacher had told him last week about his issue and that he needed to do something about it. (do you hear my heart breaking now) That is why he had been taking a shower in the evening and then getting up 1/2 an hour early in the morning to take another one.

How long do you think this will stick in his head? At forty will he still think he has a problem because he remembers how it felt to be told he was stinky.......what a terrible mom am I.


  1. You're totally NOT a terrible mom!!! Look at it as something that you weren't aware of that is something completely fixable. Some people just need to clean up more than others. It sounds like he took the news well. Don't stress over this. Seriously. You are a fantastic mom! This is a little thing in the grand scheme of things. And, boys get to an age where they need to shower more often anyway. At least he's getting this one out of the way early. I read about lots of moms that have to go through this when they're in jr. high and it's even worse then.

    Let me reiterate: YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!

  2. And, go back and read the your last post! Both of your boys love you and think you're a terrific mom!

  3. Please don't put yourself down, you are not a bad mom. Sounds to me like you have been doing things right. I am really sorry about what has happened to your son Keaton and that teacher had no right mentioning it to him. She should have come to you first. Where is her compassion? Hopefully being a boy this will pass and he will not take it to heart for very long. ((HUGS))

  4. Thanks to both of you SO MUCH!! I thought just writing it out would up lighten the load, but your stepping in to make me feel better, was the best antidote.


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