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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Praying for a Stranger

Tonight while having dinner next to the ocean in Hawaii, a family of three was seated at the table next to us. A mother, her teen, and preteen daughter. The youngest sat close to her mom touching her every chance she got....a finger to her mothers shoulder, a squeeze of her hand, a kiss to the cheek. The other sat on the far side of the table with a chair between her an her mother, and another between her sister and herself. She sat prim and proper in her chair, and even though she participated in the conversation you could tell that something was weighing heavy upon her shoulders. The mother sat tall and proud and hung on every word that was said by either of her dark haired, beautiful daughters. But looking closely, I realized that the silk scarf covering her head, was trying to hide the fact that she was bald. A baldness that can only be contributed to chemotherapy and the diagnosis of cancer.

The puzzle pieces began to fall into place and the scenario began to make sense. A mother, perhaps single, who wished special memories with daughters, just in case the outcome was not good....a daughter who wanted to hold on tight and never let her mother go,...... an older daughter more knowledgable about the game of cancer and dealing with it in her own way...... Even if wrong, I knew the scenario could not be good..... as I visually eavesdropped onto their conversation and their life, I related to her as a mother, how might I feel in the same predicament, and how would my children fair, if they too were caught in the same web.

So, I opened up my heart and and said a silent prayer, imploring God to protect this family, for these two girls needed their mother and I vehemently hoped it made a difference.

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