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As a woman, mother, and wife my first instinct is to take care of those around me. I nurture those I love in many ways through out the day, but sometimes find myself neglecting me. Recently I realized that I need to nurture myself as well. So this blog is about ME!!!!! What fills my heart; my simple life of kids, husband, animals, home, and creativity. For being better2me leads me to be better to those I love.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A snapshot of life.

In the spirit of soulemamma a picture capturing the week. However in this case these weren't my pictures but ones taken by my niece Cara, of my nephews family, Marc, Monique and my great niece Aubrey. Although I couldn't settle on just one because each captures a different personality......look close at the one with the three of them with Gpops and you might, if you believe, see the spirit of my sister, Denise standing with them.

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